Last season of The Voice Australia pitted local girl Delta Goodrem against fellow coach British pop star Jessie J in a conflict of style and personality that seemed perfectly made for reality TV.

Except that it kind of backfired - fans of the show weren't interested in seeing the judges have endless spats. Jessie's unapologetic though - she knows she's not everyone's cup of tea.

"I'm myself and sometimes I piss you guys off, sometimes I piss myself off," she says, laughing.

Brutal in her honesty, welded to her brand of BS-free coaching, she knows it's exactly what put her on a collision course with Goodrem and her loyal followers, who did not take kindly to the way Jessie crash-bang-walloped her way on to the show.


But she wasn't comfortable with last year's TV war, "cos I live my life lifting women up", so fans can expect both ladies to bury the hatchet in the new season, which begins in New Zealand this week.

"We're like 'meh, we're over it. We're cool'. We're not the best of friends, but we don't hate each other. And that's the truth. It is what it is but there's a mutual respect there."

Just don't expect her to play nice entirely, with new recruit Ronan Keating taking up the fight this year, along with Benji and Joel Madden.

"I like people pushing me. I like people taking the piss out of me and it being mutual; taking it fun and not being serious,"

She says. "Ronan definitely gets my humour."

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Toning down the controversy