Netflix's most popular show isn't House of Cards. Neither is it Orange is the New Black. It's also not Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Making a Murderer.

According to stats provided to Variety, Netflix's biggest show is - wait for it - Fuller House.

Yes, the reboot of lame '90s sitcom Full House that streamed earlier this year has reportedly been watched by a whopping 21.5 million viewers in just its first 35 days on air.

According to the stats provided by Symphony Advanced Media, that makes it bigger than Making a Murderer (19.35m), Daredevil (11.65m), Ranch (11.65m), Jessica Jones (9.30m) and House of Cards (9.05m).


Surprisingly, Orange is the New Black didn't feature in the top 10, which was rounded out by F is for Family (7.01m), Master of None (5.85m), Love (4.09m) and Flaked (2.07m).

Last month it was revealed that Netflix was New Zealand's most popular streaming service with 264,000 paid subscribers by the end of 2015.

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Lightbox had 128,000 subscribers, while Neon had 22,000.