Game of Thrones fans already missing the oversized and simple-minded character Hodor, can pick up a number plate with his name on it - but the bidding starts at $5000.

The HODOR personalised plate is for sale on TradeMe, and the $5000 reserve has already been met, three days before the bidding ends.

Hodor, a simple, but large and strong young man, was a recurrent character in all seasons of the show until his recent demise.

He was only capable of saying the word "hodor", the reason for which was explained in a recent episode of the hugely popular show.


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Seller Brad Eyes, of Rotorua, bought the plate while watching season two of the HBO drama, now in its sixth season.

"I got the plate during season two after I laughed when I saw a post of the US HODOR plate come up on a funny pictures website," he wrote.

"I get a lot of people behind me at the lights taking pictures."

The Trade Me auction has already been viewed more than 3700 times.