A massive, headless statue of Rihanna has popped up in Berlin.

The statue is an outdoor sculpture by Colombian artist Juan Sebastián Peláez, which was unveiled at the weekend as part of the ninth Berlin Biennale for contemporary art.

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It's a giant cutout image of the pop star in her bikini, with her head removed and her face imposed onto her chest instead.


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It's called Ewaipanoma, and is described the the Berlin Biennale as "hinting at the sometimes monstrous body modifications typical of celebrity culture", as well as being a reference to "longstanding projections of otherness".

The Biennale says Peláez was inspired by drawings from 16th century explorers such as Sir Walter Raleigh, who "on returning home described having encountered so-called "Blemmyae," headless natives with faces on their upper, naked bodies".

The piece is part of a series in which all of the works feature similar oversized cut-outs of people - usually in either swimwear or glamourous gowns - all with their faces on their chests.

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