The popularity of reality TV show Married at First Sight gets NZ On Screen’s Nicky Harrop looking back at some of New Zealand’s favourite screen weddings.

It seems there's still nothing like on-screen nuptials to deliver a ratings bonanza. Whether fictional or actual, weddings have contributed some big moments in our film and television history.

Shortland Street's Ferndale has hosted many a wedding during the show's 24 years on screen, several with more than their fair share of drama. In 1994, as sweethearts Kirsty Knight and Lionel 'Muffin Man' Skeggins prepared to tie the knot, the ceremony was interrupted by Kirsty's former flame Stuart Neilson, declaring his undying love for her and creating quite the cliffhanger.

Watch Kirsty and Lionel's Shortland Street wedding here:

The 2006 civil union between the Street's Jay Copeland and Maia Jeffries initially promised to be a more joyous affair. However, as friends and family gathered in Parnell Rose Gardens, protestors from Serenity Church attempted to derail proceedings. Fortunately tolerance ultimately prevailed, and the ceremony went ahead as planned. Somewhat less fortunate was the couple's eventual break-up.

Watch Maia and Jay's Shortland Street civil union here:

Sione's Wedding brought marriage celebration to the big screen in a comedy movie following the quest of four young Samoan men to right their wrongs in the eyes of their minister, and find girlfriends to take to their best friend (Sione)'s wedding. A breakthrough in Pacific Island-Kiwi film, Sione's broke box office records when it opened in NZ cinemas in March 2006, and spawned a sequel in 2012.

See the trailer for Sione's Wedding here:

Feel-good 2008 film Second-Hand Wedding is a classic case of the little movie that could - breaking out from its independently made origins to secure a place in the all-time Top 10 for NZ films at the local box office. The tale of a bride's reluctance to share her wedding plans - for fear that her mother's eye for a bargain will ruin her big day - also earned NZ Film and TV Awards for actors Holly Shanahan and Geraldine Brophy.


See the trailer and an excerpt from Second-Hand Wedding here:

2011 feature film My Wedding and Other Secrets focused on the Kiwi-Asian community, following Aucklander Emily Chu in her attempt to conceal a cross-cultural tryst from her Chinese parents. The romantic dramedy was director Roseanne Liang's debut feature, earning both strong reviews and box office takings.

See the trailer for My Wedding and Other Secrets here:

Artsville documentary The Best Day of My Life shares the secrets of wedding photographers, going behind the scenes to reveal the challenges of trying to create and preserve perfection under pressure. Included are stories of trying to capture great shots amidst drunkenness, dysfunctional families, and grooms in their undies.

Watch The Best Day of My Life here:
The Best Day of My Life