Taylor Swift has received messages of support from friends on social media following her split from Calvin Harris.

News that the 26-year-old pop star was dumped by the 32-year-old DJ broke on Wednesday and her close pal Abigail Anderson let her know via Instagram that she's there for her.

Taylor's childhood friend posted a picture of a handmade card that featured a pink and orange heart and the message "My weird heart loves your weird heart" and captioned the photograph: "There are few things more significant or valuable than a friendship that will withstand the test of time. Thank you for getting me. Always. @taylorswift."

Abigail has been friends with the Shake it Off hitmaker since the pair were teenagers and she's even the subject of the singer's hit Fifteen.


Taylor and Calvin celebrated their one year anniversary in March with a romantic holiday and are still in contact after going their separate ways.

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A source told People there was "No drama" and "Things just don't work out sometimes."
However, Calvin - whose real name is Adam Wiles - was the one who ended the romance.
"This all happened last week.

"Taylor and Adam had no big blowout fight, but the romance just was not there anymore for them. Adam is the one that ended it. It was all done in a very mature fashion. Taylor is pretty upset but they are still in communication. Taylor was there for Adam with his accident and supportive."

And Calvin - who recently had to cancel a number of shows after being involved in a car accident - had reportedly been "losing interest" in the Bad Blood hitmaker for some time before they split.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have ended their relationship after 15 months together. Photo/Getty
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have ended their relationship after 15 months together. Photo/Getty

A source said: "Adam really liked Taylor, she was not the type of girl he ever dates and he liked that. He liked how innocent Taylor was and that she had a good caring heart.

Taylor's heart was more in it then he was. He started to lose interest over the past few months, but really tried to not just break up."

And the couple's respective working schedules also didn't help their romance.
The source added: "They were just not very compatible in different areas in their relationship. The touring and traveling didn't help. It seemed like they were more friends than lovers.

"Taylor and Adam had very different group of friends."

And while Calvin may have been the one to end the relationship, the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer isn't hoping for a reconciliation.

A source said: "She was in Nashville with her family and they have been helping her through the break up.

"Taylor was really disappointed in Calvin and felt like he wasn't there for her. The relationship wasn't progressing the way she wanted it to. She felt like he wasn't taking it seriously enough and wouldn't come through for her when she needed him most. She felt down and like her needs weren't being met. She doesn't want to get back together."

- Bang! Showbiz