It was met with mediocre ratings in New Zealand but local drama series Filthy Rich will get a second shot at glory when it is made available on US streaming site Hulu.

The streaming giant, which is the main rival to Netflix, has an audience of more than 12 million Americans.

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Hulu has purchased the 20-episode debut season from Filthy Productions for an undisclosed sum. The series received $8.12 million of New Zealand on Air funding.


Despite its Auckland setting and distinct Kiwi sensibility, producer Steven Zanoski believes the series holds international appeal.

"It sits comfortably alongside international series but with a definite Kiwi attitude, tackling racial and gender politics, placing a Maori woman at the top of a multi-national company.

"This snapshot of a contemporary yet heightened New Zealand lifestyle is likely to have broad appeal overseas."

The series, which screened across multiple weeknights on TV2, debuted to more than 400,000 viewers before ratings fell to nearly half that number.

However, TVNZ defended the series, saying it was a "breakout hit" on TVNZ on Demand.