Guam wasn't top of the "must visit" list for actor Kura Forrester, but she jumped at the chance to sign up for the trip.

Forrester says it was the opportunity of a lifetime being part of a 100-strong group of top Maori and New Zealand-based Pasifika artists representing the country at one of the largest and oldest Pacific arts festivals.

Held every four years since 1972, the two-week Festival of Pacific Arts unites 2500 artists from 27 Pacific Island countries and territories.

"I'm looking forward to being able to go to as many workshops and talks as possible to exchange ideas about what Pacific theatre and the wider arts is all about now," said Forrester.


Creative New Zealand spent $650,000 to ensure the country is well-represented.

The delegation also includes artist Lisa Reihana, street artists Charles and Janine Williams, and music producer, composer and teaching artist Anonymouz (aka Matthew Salapu), James Nokise, and Maiava Nathaniel, and musicians including Maisey Rika, Robert Ruha and Horomona Horo.

The festival begins today and runs until June 4.