Bachelor Jordan Mauger is still standing after the furore around the show's ending - and you might be surprised to know he is still looking for love.

Spy understands Mauger is the first to admit his timing and performance were lacking.

A little bird told us the 32-year-old was happy for Spy to play Cupid, so with knowledge gleaned from our own social circuit, we've selected five bachelorettes we reckon he should date if things don't work out with Naz or Erin.

1. Carly Binding, 38

If she can handle Matthew Ridge she can handle Jordan Mauger. At last check, the feisty songstress was single and ready to mingle. Their romance would get us back to the Mills & Boon type of story that could have been The Bachelor. Binding posts memes on Instagram that could have provided great ideas for romance on the show.


2. Amelia Finlayson, 18

The former girlfriend of Max Key is finishing her AUT degree in media studies. The 14-year age difference may prove a hurdle, but Mauger loves to teach and share everything he knows about the entertainment industry. Both are great fodder for social pages. Together, they might just be an "it" couple. And we know he likes a girl who's great with makeup, which Finlayson is.

3. Chrystal Chenery, 31

Okay, she is currently seeing real estate man-about-town Ricky Cave, but we understand she is still on Mauger's radar - don't forget he is her former flame. We hear Mauger encouraged Chenery to go into the first series. So is Chrystal the bachelorette who got away on Jordy? We reckon their wedding would be worth more in media dollars than any nuptials for Art Green and Matilda Rice.

4. Katrina Hobbs, 44

If Mauger needs an older woman to pull him into line, the youngest sibling of the famous Hobbs acting family would help him get his thespian respectability back after appearing on reality TV. The brunette beauty has started her own furnishing design company called Hobbs and Co. Both love to travel and would surely have lots of acting fraternity friends in common.

5. Kim Crossman, 27

We have no idea if the paths of these two actors have ever crossed, but Crossman seems to prefer her men dark. Crossman could share her Hollywood success, where being a former Bachelor star could open doors. And the gorgeous pocket-rocket would make Mauger feel tall.