He's the biggest villain on Game of Thrones since King Joffrey, and he'll surely meet his maker this season. But how will Ramsay Bolton die? The Herald's resident experts investigate.

Siena Yates:

I've been convinced for the longest time that as soon as Arya gets back to Westeros, Ramsay's name will be the first on her new list (because I also firmly believe she will make one).

He stole Winterfell, tried to have her brothers killed, tortured Theon, tormented Sansa, and threatened war against Jon - not to mention whatever he's going to do between now and Arya returning.

I don't care what lies Arya tells Jaqen H'ghar, that girl's a Stark and family comes first.


Also, how amazing would it be to have Ramsay brought down, not by an army, a knight, or even a magical shadow monster, but by a small girl who knows what to do with the pointy end of a sword?

Alternatively, I will never lose hope that Nymeria will return - probably when Arya does. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd pay good money to see Nymeria and Ghost take care of Ramsay the way his dogs took care of Walda Frey.

Cameron McMillan: Here's how I see it happening: Ramsay starts to feel the heat as is many enemies close in on all four corners of Winterfell. He assumes a new identity and escapes. He then comes across a tavern, sits down for a meal finally relaxed at the thought that he doesn't have to play the game anymore. He doesn't have to be this evil person he has become. That thought doesn't last long however as the realisation comes across his body - he remains on edge. He keeps looking at the door of the tavern, wary that someone might come in a recognise him. But he doesn't notice the man in the Frey Members Only jacket sitting in the corner. The episode fades to black.

Apologies to David Chase, but I feel like Ramsay won't get the exact comeuppance everyone wants. I'm certain he'll be killed at some point but I'm thinking it will be a minor character or a family like the Freys (he killed old man Frey's daughter/Roose's wife) who he's also harmed that get the revenge.

Rachel Bache: Ramsay Bolton has thrown down the gauntlet with his sadistic letter to Jon Snow. I can feel a massive battle at Winterfell brewing. Swords will clash. Shit's gonna go down.

But instead of Jon taking out Ramsay, though I'm sure Jon will be lead the charge on Winterfell, it will be Brienne of Tarth who finally pins that bastard Bolton down. As Sansa Stark's protector, it's her duty to go after the evil man who put her through so much trauma.

After having his butt thoroughly kicked by Brienne, Ramsay would be backed into a corner with no escape in sight. Brienne would then plunge Oathkeeper, her Valyrian steel blade, into his belly straight through to the blood soaked dirt of the battlefield. That's when Sansa will appear to seek her just revenge by cutting out Ramsay's tongue so he can finally quit speaking his wicked, manipulative words and choke to death on his own blood.

Yikes, that's dark.

Everyone will marvel at what a badass Sansa has become and she along with her brothers will finally take back Winterfell.

Robert Smith: Ramsay Bolton is definitely going to die, and he deserves it more than anybody else in the whole bloody saga.

I just hope that after all the horror and death and rape and mutilation he has been responsible for, his death is stripped of all power and dignity, and he is just wiped away like the scumbag he is. He doesn't need to die in an epic duel with Jon Snow, or face righteous retribution at the hands of Sansa.

I hope he dies ignobly and without grace - stabbed in the back by his own men, or accidentally eaten by his own dogs, or just beheaded in battle with no ceremony. He deserves no better.

Chris Schulz: When I was dreaming about Joffrey's death, I imagined it was at the hands of Brienne. Same thing with The Hound. To cut this short, I want Brienne to be involved in every death sequence on Game of Thrones, because she's the only character left with any kind of soul. She's not after money, power, a kingdom or Daenerys' dragons. She has her own moral compass, she just does what's right. And she's so badass. If all is right and good in TV land, she should be the last one standing. To get there, she has to take down Ramsay, and I like to imagine she does it with a certain amount of aloofness, like she's getting rid of some stinky mud on her boots.

Maybe she takes exception to the way he eats his apples and shoves one so far down his throat he can't breathe. She high-fives Tormund, scolds Pod for being a doofus, then picks up a roast chicken and tears a bite out with her teeth. Yep, that's how she'd roll.

Karl Puschmann: Ramsay Bolton will die peacefully in his sleep at a ripe old age and anyone who thinks otherwise is a damned fool. While he may be a ruthlessly barbaric arrogant jerk he has proved time and time again that he is in possession of a shrewd mind. With devious cunning and blunt savagery he has consistently outplayed his enemies, his friends and his family in this fatal game of thrones. Half the time peeps haven't even realised they were in before Ramsay has taken them out.

His extremely evil tendencies have got many sane rational people baying for his blood. And I won't deny for a second that Ramsay is indeed a very bad egg.

But you've all been suckered into thinking that there's some sort of divine comeuppance heading his way. Why? Because he's the baddie and the baddie always dies at the end?


So check your bloodlust people while I lay out exactly what's gonna happen when they come for him.

First, he's gonna murder Sansa, then he's gonna lock her unkillable half-brother Snow Jesus up in a dark, dank cell and then he's gonna have a nice dinner and a well-deserved beer.

Because while this may all just be a game the dude has shown time after time that he is definitely not playing around.