His video featuring two kittens appearing to hold lightsavers went viral with more than 14 million views. Now US video sensation Zach King has made videos with NZ Sevens players.

King became known globally when he created a video entitled Jedi Kittens on Vine, which received one million hits in one day.

Vine is a short-form video-sharing service where users can share six-second-long looping video clips.

King went on to make videos that began in everyday settings and then featured a "magic" trick created through video editing.


His videos have been viewed more than one billion times on Vine and he has made appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CNN, Fox News and The Today Show.

ASB Bank commissioned King to come to New Zealand and create a series of fast clips with the Sevens players in action to depict the speed of the game they love.

The first video shows Sevens player DJ Forbes scrolling through picks of sunglasses on a smartphone and then with a "magic trick" flicks them on to the face of teammate Sam Dickson.

The second video has NZ Women's Sevens player Huriana Manuel punching flat rugby balls which "magically" inflate.

In the third video, DJ Forbes throws a rugby ball into the air which turns into a watermelon. He passes it to Sam Dickson who then throws it for Liam Messam to kick.

The watermelon smashes and Sam Dickson catches a piece and eats it.

The 26-year-old from Portland, Oregon, told the Herald he had been interested in video and magic from a young age.

King admitted knowing very little about rugby but said he'd done some research.

"One idea I have is for them to be passing a rugby ball and then have the rugby ball turn into a watermelon.

"I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan so it'll be awesome to actually go to Hobbiton."