It’s NZ Music Month and the Herald has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you a music video of a classic New Zealand song every day of the month. Today's flashback was directed by Tony Holden.

Today's Music Month Flashback is Bliss by Th' Dudes.

With a chorus to do any football terrace proud, the final single from Th' Dudes has become one of the great Kiwi drinking songs - though Dave Dobbyn actually wrote it in Sydney to parody hard-drinking pub crowds, and the lyrics name-check local landmarks (The Coogee, The Cross) and luxuries unavailable back in NZ (Spanish shoes, falafel).

The video, directed by Tony Holden and shot in the booze-barn like Cricketers' Arms in Wellington, captures the raw essence of the song as it showcases the excitement of the band's live show, and offers a snapshot of bar culture in early 1980s New Zealand.