SPOILERS: This review contains details from episode four, season six of Game of Thrones. Don't read if you haven't seen the show.

This was the episode we've all been waiting for, even if we didn't realise it until it happened.

This was the episode of reunions, new beginnings, and things escalating quickly.

Not only did Sansa reunite with Jon at the wall (finally), but Margaery reunited with Loras, Theon reunited with Yara, Jon Aryn reunited with Little Finger, Daario and Jorah reunited with Dany, and Dany reunited with the idea of being a goddamned boss.

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She made the ultimate comeback, just when we thought she was in hot water with the Dosh Khaleen, Jorah and Daario turned up to save her, but Dany is the mother of dragons and as such, saves herself.

She went to the khalasars and (presumably) had Jorah and Daario lock them in a building which she then set on fire, emerging from the flames to reclaim control over the Dothraki as she did way back in the beginning.

If you ever thought Dany was getting soft or boring, this episode proves she is not messing around.

Not only that, but Tyrion seems to be putting in the work to smooth things over with the slavers in Meereen, knowing that Dany won't move west until the slaves are free.

Back in Westeros, Sansa and Brienne arrive at the wall just as Jon Snow is packing to leave - for once, some good timing on this show.

If you didn't raise your hands in praise for Queen Sansa when those gates swung open, you clearly don't realise how important she is.

While Jon's ready to pack up and sulk in a corner (as he finally admitted he's wont to do), Sansa is pushing him to go to war and reclaim Winterfell from the Boltons.

Ramsay sends word threatening Rickon and Sansa, and threatening to ride against Castle Black unless Jon hands Sansa over to him.

That's when Jon's pushed over the edge and agrees to fight - plus, he gets the support of the wildlings to do it and he looks set to rally those still loyal to the Stark banner to help out too.

What's more, Melisandre has sworn to serve Jon as "the prince that was promised", and over at The Veil, Little Finger's just talked the young lord Robin Arryn (who's still desperate to chuck people out the moon door) into taking his army to help his beloved cousin Sansa.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing, Cersei and Jaime have convinced House Tyrell to move against the High Sparrow despite Tommen's wishes, to save Margaery from having to make a walk of atonement like Cersei had to.

Well, that's the Tyrell's reason anyway, Cersei just wants the Sparrow dead and no doubt to have Margaery indebted to her.

Theon's pledged to help Yara win the throne in the Iron Islands, and she seems intent on using a bit of tough love to bring him back from what Ramsay Bolton did to him.

Oh, and if you needed another reason to hate Ramsay Bolton, he also went ahead and stabbed Osha in the neck because she helped the young Stark boys escape Winterfell.

RIP Osha, at least no one locked you in a room and set you on fire though, I guess.

Bring on the next episode.