A private funeral has been held for pop icon Prince, but the official family funeral is still yet to be arranged.

This funeral was held at Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall in Minnetonka, Minnesota today (Sunday, US time).

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According to Entertainment Tonight, guests were mostly Prince's friends and congregation.


The funeral programme honoured his accomplishments as a musician but added, "he also had a deep interest in spiritual things", referring to his "personal dedication to God".

The programme also reportedly included a quote from Prince himself which reads: "If I were to ever write down my life story, I could truly say with all the fame and glory, I was just a piece of clay in need of the potter's hand".

However, at the weekend, Prince's sister Tyka took to Facebook to announce she, nor Prince's remains would not be present at any service until the family's service.

"Please don't misunderstand ... The grief process is a unique experience to each individual and therefore I support any and all memorials or funerals that have happened and/or are being planned," she wrote.

"However, I will not be in attendance, because I feel that once ... is enough."

She also said Prince was a "very private man", and a funeral had been planned for April 23, but the plans "had to be aborted".

She finished by releasing an official statement saying contrary to any reports, "there has been no memorial, funeral or tribute service for Prince that was organised or authorised by the family or Paisley Park representatives".

"Together, the family is planning an official memorial service and public event to take place in the near future ... details will be coming soon."