It was a commitment ring worth a small ransom. The dazzling diamond designer Michael Hill engagement ring was laden with precious gemstones and commanded a jaw-dropping $26,099 price tag.

Now it has come to symbolise the sham of reality television match-making, after Bachelor NZ star Jordan Mauger dumped contestant Fleur Verhoeven 72 hours after she was named the show's winner.

So what should Verhoeven do with this painful reminder of love lost?

Some viewers have been quick to give thoughts on social media about what she might like to do with the gift.


Denise Suddaby suggested she sell the ring and give away the money.

"Message to Fleur sell the ring and donate proceeds to Charity. Like and share this post if you agree."

But Anne Allen had a different take: " I didn't want you to win only because I thought you were too good for him - keep the ring!!!"

Sam Smith tweeted: "What about Fleur's ring? Does she contractually have to give it back to Mediaworks? Can we sell it to get @Hilary_Barry back?"
Debbie Michael Joe Jackson said it would provide money for something "more worthwhile".

"Life steered you clear of future pain, and Michael Hill also provided you with a nice ring to sell on Trade Me or return to his store for cash to purchase something more worthwhile and meaningful."

So what do you think she should do?