Popular home renovation reality programme The Block NZ will transform 1980s townhouses when it returns to our screens for its fifth season.

This year, four teams would face off against each other, converting the old homes into environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable houses.

The Block NZ host Mark Richardson said he was excited about this year's season.

"Every year The Block NZ competitors face what feels like insurmountable challenges, and 2016 will be no exception. These town houses are from 1987 and patched together with old fashioned brick and plaster render.


"They'll need to be stripped back to the bare bones and completely reimagined to make them desirable in today's competitive market."

Site foreman Peter "The Wolf" Wolfkamp said this year's season focusing on building a sustainable, energy efficient house would be a challenge for the teams.

"These houses are not from the Golden Age of NZ building practice. This year we face a huge challenge to rectify these homes, and we have also decided to create homes that are more sustainable, more energy efficient and more complex than anything we have attempted before.

"Let's hope the teams are up to the task."

The teams who would compete in the fifth season would be announced soon.

The Block NZ is produced by Warner Bros. New Zealand for TV3.

The Auckland suburb of Meadowbank will be the location for next season's The Block NZ.

QV property records show that production company Eyeworks has bought 95-97 St Johns Rd.

Eyeworks, which makes the hit television series, is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Steve Butler who lives with his fiancee in a house not far from the site, said if the show came to the street it would bring mixed blessings.

"The good thing about it is, obviously it brings something to the neighbourhood that's quite exciting, the residents might like it.

"The downside is it's already quite hard reversing out of the driveway, especially in rush hour. It could cause accidents, might even cause burglaries as more people know about the area."

Christchurch couple Brooke Thompson and Mitch Davies pocketed $290,000 last season.

The property in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham sold for $1.35 million -- $190,000 over the reserve -- at a live televised auction in early December.

The Block's biggest winners

• Alex & Corban -- season three: $307,000
• Brooke & Mitch -- season four: $290,000
• Alice & Caleb -- season two: $261,000
• Libby & Ben -- season one: $237,000