Will it live up to the hype? We asked several game fanatics what Uncharted 4 has to prove when it gets released tomorrow.

"Uncharted was the first big franchise to successfully blend cinematic values with a game that's fun to play. They pretty much nailed it. Nathan Drake has that Indiana Jones vibe, the wisecracks, and even a brown leather jacket. The games themselves have all the twists and turns of an action movie while never making you sit twiddling your thumbs throughout interminably long cut-scenes. A final and brand new HD hurrah for the series is both welcomed and deserved."
- Karl Puschmann

"I don't think another Uncharted was necessary but I'm glad it's happening because I think The Last of Us woke Naughty Dog up to potential they may not have realised they had. To me, that's the real test of Uncharted 4 if it must be compared against its hype or heritage: Can it outdo The Last of Us, the best game of the last five years? I love a good binge though, and I think that's the best way to get through an experience like this. I'll take my time - just not too much of it."
- Troy Rawhiti-Forbes
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"It needs to close out Nathan's story in a way that feels complete. The thing about the Uncharted series is that when you get to the end of a game, it always gives you this bittersweet feeling. Usually nothing has gone to plan but you wind up feeling hopeful anyway. I feel like Uncharted 4 is primed to double down on that feeling, given the name 'A Thief's End'. It will be a day one purchase for me."
- Siobhan Keogh, NZ Herald

"The gameplay is simple, and the stories it tells are broad, swashbuckling affairs, the beats of which most people are familiar with. I'm not hugely excited for it, personally. I thought the last Uncharted game was a bit rubbish, and I'm not attached to the series' characters the way many fans are. But it's certainly a big deal for PS4 owners - especially as they have had to wait for the latest Tomb Raider (a series Uncharted heavily borrows from)."
- Matt McGuire, editor at Gameplanet.co.nz