Colin Farrell's Fright Night film is his "greatest success".

The 39-year-old actor has admitted he is most "proud" of his horror movie out of all the productions he has starred in throughout his 16 years of acting, and will still be pleased with his work even if it isn't recognised as a "blockbuster hit".

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly online about his thoughts on the film, the dark-haired heartthrob said: "Fright Night is the greatest success of my career.

"Fright Night, first of all, is a film I'm proud of. But you might look at its score on 'Rotten Tomatoes'. About 70 per cent. You might look at its box office gross. Not a blockbuster hit. But none of that matters. I tall comes down to how you define success.


"But anyone can create their own definitions of success and failure in their life or career. If my being in Fright Night led to my mother's happiness, then, yes, absolutely, that film will always be the greatest success of my career."

Meanwhile, the Total Recall star insists his statement brows have never been trimmed and are just that shape naturally, although he had to grow his facial hair for his upcoming role in The Lobster.

Speaking previously he said: "My brows are large and I fear they're just getting bigger through the years. I don't do anything to them though - just keep them natural.

"The hair and make-up process on a movie really depends on the role but I like to keep it simple and fast. The bald cap that I had to wear in Horrible Bosses was really hot but the hair and make-up crew on set were great so it was a fairly easy process for me.

"I had to grow a moustache for True Detective and The Lobster. In True Detective I was able to shave it off after the first three episodes, and it felt great! In The Lobster the moustache was a little more simple so it was easier to maintain."

- Bang! Showbiz