It’s NZ Music Month and the Herald has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you a music video of a classic New Zealand song every day of the month. Today’s flashback is a Flying Nun great with a video that marked the directing debut of Chris Knox.

Today's Music Month Flashback is Tally Ho by The Clean.

The music video for the Flying Nun classic was the directing debut of label-mate Chris Knox.

The clip memo-rably broke with New Zealand music video standards of the time (in-studio lip-synching et al) and set the template for Knox's cheap-but-effective DIY method.

Knox shot the band walking up the street, with a borrowed 16mm camera set at a slow frame rate.


He also played around with negative reversal film, to obtain some of the video's more distinctive images.

The song made it to number 19 in the local charts.