It’s NZ Music Month and the Herald has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you a music video of a classic New Zealand song every day of the month. Today’s flashback is one of NZ music’s catchiest songs, and the opening imagery for the video is iconic.

Today's Music Month Flashback is Counting the Beat by The Swingers.

Its slight over-use in TV commercials has perhaps lessened some of Counting the Beat's origi-nal impact, but there's no denying it's a great pop song.

Written by one-time Split Enz star Phil Judd for his band the Swingers, the song was released in 1981, as was the memorable music video.

Clever cinematography, freestyle dance moves, and a quirky sense of humour place this clip ahead of its time.


The imagery for the opening bars - the pendulum guitar, fingers on the fretboard - is so simple, yet delivers some of the most iconic imagery in New Zealand music video history.

The director for the clip was Ray Argall.