If we're honest, the journey to The Bachelor's final two has been a hard slog this year. Despite attempts to turn up the drama - through the contrived nastiness of Naz - the second series of The Bachelor NZ has been a fairly dull ride.

A dull ride punctuated by some stunningly cheap dates - including an afternoon spent washing dogs. No, that's not a euphemism. That was an actual group date.

This year's Bachelor, Jordan Mauger, is rumoured to be a pretty funny guy but that charisma hasn't always shone through. Particularly when he sent Erin home this week after she chose not to accept his offer of an overnight date.

But we've come this far and, by crikey, we're going to see it through to the bitter, tear-stained end. Will it be Naz? Or will it be Fleur?


Self-proclaimed Bitchelorette Chrystal Chenery is backing Naz, claiming Jordan likes feisty girls.

As a former flame of Mauger's, she has some inside knowledge. But Fleur stood out as an early favourite (much like last year's winner Matilda Rice) and we can't help but feel Naz is a red herring.

Mauger's background as an actor and film-maker means he knows a good storyline and the cynical among us have long suspected he only kept Naz on as a plot device.

But Mauger's best mate, Will Hall (of Shortland Street fame), reckons Naz is the best fit for his bud.

Naz herself says they feel like "boyfriend and girlfriend" and despite some initial hesitation, was quick to agree to an overnight date with Mauger.

She was rewarded with the first rose of the night in the final rose ceremony, making her the obvious favourite. Or is that just Mauger story producing until the very end?

Either way, neither coupling has the chemistry of last year's winners, Art and Matootles, whose love remains the most enduring thing ever to come out of New Zealand reality television. Bless.