In what might be considered as adding salt to the wound, the head of MediaWorks has made an embarrassing gaffe in an email to staff - in which he wrongly spelled Hilary Barry's name.

Chief executive Mark Weldon, currently overseas, sent an internal email today, following Barry's shock resignation this week.

In the subject line was simply: "Hillary Barry'' - showcasing an extra L in her first name.

Former employee David Farrier posted the offending email on Instagram and Twitter.


He wrote: "Mark Weldon, CEO of MediaWorks, sent out an email to staff about Hilary Barry.

"One of the most well-known people in the company. Sorry, the country. Spelt her name wrong in the subject line.''

Members of the public and fans quickly responded.

One person wrote: "OH MY GOD, actually unbelievable.''

Another said: "What a shocker!"

News of Barry's resignation this week continues to bring shock to fans and her news colleagues.

Widely regarded as one of the best newsreaders in the country, Barry began her career at TV3 23 years ago.