Naz broke down in tears as she awaited the final rose from The Bachelor's Jordan Mauger, interrupting the ceremony as she sobbed.

Moving away from the other girls, Naz said "it's just too hard" and that she couldn't "do this anymore".

Mauger stepped aside to comfort Naz before returning to the ceremony, where he sent Kate home.

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Earlier in the episode, Kate went on a single date with Mauger, which involved a pub lunch followed by paragliding. But while the pair enjoyed easy conversation and laughs, they didn't appear to have strong chemistry and didn't share a kiss.

The episode also featured a group date with Naz, Erin and Fleur heading out on a tall ship, where they climbed the rigging and launched themselves into the water off a rope swing.

Naz became the centre of attention when she struggled to keep afloat in the water, forcing Fleur to jump in and come to her rescue.

Her lifesaving effort earned her some one-on-one time but there was clear tension between the pair, after Fleur chose not to speak to Mauger at the last cocktail party and he described her behaviour as cocky.

But the pair soon made up again at this week's cocktail party with Fleur revealing she did still want to the in the competition before stealing a kiss.