Logan Dodds has no plans to mope around at home after the departure of close friend Dani Robinson to the UK.

The hunky tradie - whose travel videos have been an online sensation - has been linked to last year's The Bachelor NZ runner-up since early March.

On Thursday, 24-year-old Dodds will reveal his latest video - named Kiwi Daze - at an A-list bash at Billfish cafe in Westhaven.

The guest list includes his buddy, Warriors sensation Shaun Johnson, the sporting star's partner and netball star Kayla Cullen and Hauraki DJ Jay Reeve.


Robinson can't be there as she moved to London last week. "I will be flying solo on Thursday night," Dodds confirmed to Spy.

Dodds' Summer Daze video chronicling his overseas exploits made worldwide headlines on its release last September.

His follow-up clip is a tribute to New Zealand that he hopes will tell his worldwide followers why they should come here.

"New Zealand is the best country I've ever visited - my own backyard! This video is an epic adventure around New Zealand with my mate Trent Nattrass."

It was hard to pin him down on his favourite spots, although he exclaimed: "Everywhere was amazing, but fans of Coromandel and Queenstown are in for an extra treat."

Air New Zealand has partnered on Kiwi Daze and Spy understands GoPro, a big fan of Dodds, will also be part of Thursday night's acknowledgements.