She has become reality TV's most controversial figure with her spiky barbs but Nazanin Khanjani has been tipped to win Jordan Mauger's heart in the upcoming finale.

Mauger's great mate, actor Will Hall, has predicted Khanjani and Erin Higgins will be the final two bachelorettes. And Hall said he wouldn't be surprised if his buddy picks Khanjani.

"You definitely see his softer side come out with Naz. The real Jordy," Hall said. "They are both media savvy and would kill it together on the media ride after the final.

"He is definitely very attracted to her and I can actually see them together."


But don't write off Higgins, Hall said.

"Erin is the dark horse in the competition. Producers have probably played it that way. She is like Season 2's Matilda Rice, the quiet one through the series who makes the final, the one the audience won't see coming.

"You can see the chemistry between them. She is a) blonde and b) we have not seen them share their mutual love that comes from being past superyacht crew.

"If Jordy meets someone who has been on superyachts, you have lost his attention for the night."

Hall predicted the third-place getter would be Gabrielle Davenport.