Taylor Swift believes she was slut-shamed when she was in her early 20s.

The 26-year-old had some high-profile boyfriends throughout her early 20s, including pop stars Harry Styles and Joe Jonas, and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Her romances were talked about frequently in the media, often overshadowing anything else that was going on in the pop star's life.

In a rapid-fire question and answer interview for Vogue magazine, Swift revealed she thought she had bene slut-shamed.

"If I could talk to my 19-year-old self, I would just say 'Hey, you know you're going to date just like a normal twenty-something should be allowed to, but you're going to be a national lightning rod for slut-shaming," she said.


Swift is now dating superstar DJ Calvin Harris, who she revealed gave her the nicest gift she's ever received.

"My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas," she said.

The "73 Questions" video interview leads viewers through Swift's house. Each room of her Beverly Hills home is tastefully decorated in muted colours and the singer subtly displays her awards in various rooms. An MTV Video Music Awards moonman sits between her coffee machines (of which there are three, because, as she reveals, it's her favourite beverage).

The video was shot just before this year's Grammy Awards where she won several awards including Album of the Year. But despite her numerous accolades there's still one thing that she is too scared to do: "Coachella".

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Swift who performed to 76,000 people on one night of her recent tour in Sydney, is too scared to perform at the uber-cool California festival, which boasts a who's who of celebrity guests.

The pop star revealed her favourite TV show is 1990s hit Friends and favourite film is the schmaltzy rom-com Love Actually. She loves her cats and would love to raid Blake Lively's closet. And there's still one thing she would really like to achieve.

"I really want an honorary doctorate degree because Ed Sheeran has one and I feel like he looks down on me now because I don't have one," she said.