After just two dates with The Bachelor NZ's Jordan Mauger, Ceri McVinnie didn't feel she was ready to commit to a future family with the Bach.

Not unreasonable, you might think. But Mauger disagreed, sending McVinnie home from Australia on last night's episode.

"I wasn't quite ready to get that serious," McVinnie explains, "I'm only 24!"

But it's onwards and upwards for the blonde former beauty pageant queen. Just hours after the show aired last night, McVinnie was spotted on Tinder.


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"I think a few of the girls are back on Tinder so I'm taking a page from their book and giving it a go," she told the Herald.

She's picking Gabs and Fleur to go the distance and battle it out for the final rose, although she hasn't discounted Naz.

"Watching the show now, I didn't realise the connection Naz had with Jordan. She might surprise me."

McVinnie says everyone has been portrayed accurately throughout the series but admits that she still hasn't got a handle on Naz.

"Naz is the one that's a little bit confusing. She's so different in different situations. I don't know who the real Naz is."