Game Of Thrones

fanatics have more clues to the upcoming season of the cult medieval drama following the release of the first three episode titles.

The opening episode for Season 6 is titled Red Woman, while the following two episodes are Home, directed by Jeremy Podeswa, and Oathbreaker, directed by Daniel Sackheim.

Referencing Red Woman has Throners contemplating if Melisandre, who is often referred to as The Red Woman, can revive John Snow, who was stabbed mercilessly at the end of the fifth season.


Or it may refer to another Red Woman, with some leaning towards another mystical female entering the series alongside either Cersei or Daenerys Targaryen.

The only official release on the opening episode of season six is the unhelpful 14 word, three sentence synopsis on IMDB. "Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again."

There's no hint yet as to what is in store on Home or The Oathbreaker. Given Home is about as generic as you can get for any episode title, they could have called it Kingdom, Death, or even Swords.

Home has more combinations than a menu at a Chinese restaurant. However, there's hope Oathbreaker has a connection to the fourth episode of the fourth season which was titled Oathkeeper.

That episode involved Jamie Lanister handing his Valyrian steel sword, as a gift, to Brienne of Tarth who then heads out to find and protect Sansa.

She names the sword, "Oathkeeper". The episode also included the first appearance of the Night's King, a leader of the White Walkers.

Oathbreaker could mean the opposite of "Oathkeeper" and therefore involve Brienne and the sword and possibly Sansa who is on the run.

But it could also apply to several characters who have broken their oaths, although at the moment the clues are a heartbreaker for GoT fans.

Game Of Thrones, Season 6, starts on April 25.