The Roughan family have walked away from auction having secured a cool $800,000 for their Te Atatu South home following the second Our First Home live auction.

The family are one of three pitted against each other in TV One's home renovation show tasked with completely redecorating and designing three Auckland homes.

Each family, whose respective home will be sold at auction this week, will keep whatever profits they make over the reserve price while the family with the biggest percentage gain will also walk away with a $100,000 cash prize for their children's first home.

Tonight's sale of the Roughan family's four bedroom home on 116 Vodanovich Road netted them a profit of $22,432 - less than 3 per cent over the reserve.


It was not quite the outcome the family hoped for after nine weeks of gruelling work.
Prior to the live auction Our First Home's property expert Matt O'Brien and design whiz Dan Phillips shared their thoughts on the Roughan family's home.

O'Brien said the property was closer to the city than the other two homes but on a smaller section.

He said the best aspect of the home was the design.

"They actually changed [the house] on its end and they changed the flow and absolutely nailed it."

Meanwhile, Phillips said several aspects of the home set it apart from the other two.

"It is different from the other homes [in] that it is not that traditional bungalow, it is a slightly new era, it is the standardised home of the 80s that they have transformed into an architectural gem."

The home also earned rave reviews from the show's fellow contestants.

Last night, the first of the homes went under the hammer. The live auction saw the Wottons get $780,000 for their house and walk away with a profit of $99,284 - nearly 15 per cent over reserve. The final home will be auctioned tomorrow when the winners of the cash prize announced

Stephanie Roughan said the family had all hoped for a bigger profit.

"I think we worked really hard and it is probably not the figure we had in mind but I am pleased to see the family that it has gone to and I know they are going to love the house.

"We take a lot more from this adventure than just the profits we will make."

Lyn Roughan said she was just pleased the home was "going to a lovely family".
"We have met them and we hope they enjoy the house as much as we do."