On screen, he shares a close bond with a vicar in the detective drama Grantchester. But it seems Robson Green has left a real-life vicar heartbroken... by running off with his wife.

The actor was yesterday accused of causing the Rev Geoffrey Short to 'question his faith' after the vicar's Filipino wife of 16 years left him for Green.

Mr Short says his wife Zoila, a Sunday school teacher, met the 51-year-old actor in a gym on the outskirts of Newcastle upon Tyne six weeks ago.

And after the pair grew closer the TV star, who has been married twice, reportedly moved the 43-year-old mother of two into his luxury country flat near Morpeth, Northumberland.


Yesterday Mr Short told his congregation at St Columba's Church in the village of Wideopen, near Newcastle, of his heartache, saying: "For me over the last few weeks and last few months, there have been some difficult times."

However, after an hour-long service he demonstrated his faith when saying: "I hope Robson Green and Zoila have a good life together."

A member of the congregation held a prayer for the 57-year-old vicar, saying: "At this difficult time, on this particularly painful day, we pray for Geoff and his family."

Green has been on screen in recent weeks in the second series of ITV's Grantchester. He has become something of a heart-throb among viewers for his role as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, who investigates crime alongside local vicar Sidney Chambers, played by James Norton.

Yet, in stark contrast to his on-screen bromance, he has now rocked the family of Mr Short whose two sons, aged 16 and 20, are said to be devastated.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the vicar said his wife, who is a member of the Mothers' Union, had sat him down and told him: 'I'm leaving you for Robson Green.'

He added: "When she told me I felt anger, amazement. There are questions I'll probably never get answers to. It's just total shock, disbelief and sorrow. It's very painful.

"Part of me feels amazed that this has happened. It was just totally out of the blue. Of course there is a lot of anger towards Green, but as a Christian I have to forgive. It's made me question my faith, but I've got to stay strong.'

The Liverpool-born vicar said that Green's fame made the situation worse. He said: "People here all know about it. It's the talk of the community. People are quite hurt.

"The guy's practically haunting me, taking over my whole life. He's on Grantchester, Northumberland Tales, it's horrible.

"I want people to know what's happened. I've got nothing to hide. I don't feel I've driven her away, but it's not just me who's been hurt, it's so many people."

He explained how he first met his wife 22 years ago, and they married six years later in her home city of Manila, capital of the Philippines.

They remained in the Philippines for more than ten years where they built schools and helped local communities together. In 2004 Mr Short was awarded an OBE. He had lived with his wife at the vicarage in Wideopen for the last four years. Their younger son also lives there, while their eldest is at university.

Yesterday, representatives of Robson Green were unavailable for comment.

The actor has had a colourful love life. His first marriage was to Alison Ogilvie, an occupational therapist, in 1991.

It ended eight years later after he was reportedly found to have been having a four-year affair with Pamela McDonald, who was married to Emmerdale actor Ian Sharrock.

In 2001 Green married former Page 3 model Vanya Seager. That marriage ended in divorce in 2013 after the pair had not lived together for two years. It is thought he then dated air hostess Stephanie Short after meeting her on a plane where she was part of the cabin crew.

That marriage with model Vanya Seager ended in divorce in 2013 after the pair had not lived together for two years. Photo / Getty Images
That marriage with model Vanya Seager ended in divorce in 2013 after the pair had not lived together for two years. Photo / Getty Images

His acting CV includes parts in Soldier Soldier, Wire in The Blood, Waterloo Road, Mount Pleasant and Strike Back.

Alongside that he has also enjoyed a music career which saw him reach number one in 1995 with Unchained Melody, released with Soldier Soldier co-star Jerome Flynn.

ITV recently commissioned a third series of Grantchester.