Prime News presenter Janika ter Ellen braved wet and wild weather on her wedding day, to tie the knot with reporter Ross Karl on a Matarangi golf course.

Heavy rain lashed the Coromandel Peninsula right up until the wedding ceremony, according to Woman's Day.

After battling technical issues with her microphone, ter Ellen talked about her husband's enduring positive attitude, even when it came to the weather.

"You project positivity and people rise to meet you there. Like today, you tried for outside and it happened!"


The pair met when Karl walked into Newshub as a new sports reporter and saw the former Paul Henry Show co-host working hard in the newsroom.

Walking down the aisle to Nick Cave's acoustic ballad The Ship Song, the bride-to-be's hasty procession meant ter Ellen's parents had to slow their daughter down.

"I just wanted to get to Ross faster so he wouldn't be standing there by himself. I was just so happy to see him!"

After exchanging white-gold rings, the newlyweds danced to Never Tear Us Apart by INXS at the intimate golf club reception.

"I think she was trying to lead" says Karl, who described their first dance as "terrible".

Their reception also featured a twist on traditions, opting for a 6.5kg cheese tower over the usual wedding cake.