A cheating celebrity who gagged the Press over his threesome had a second affair with a lover who was ordered to "keep it secret", it was reported yesterday.

The married man started meeting for sex with a hairdresser in a luxury hotel only five months after the extra-marital relationship with another couple.

Details of the relationship come as judges are due to decide today whether to throw out a draconian anonymity order banning the Press from revealing his name.

Newspapers in England and Wales can only call him PJS, despite senior judiciary at the Court of Appeal conceding that widespread reporting of the case around the globe and online means 'anyone' can discover his identity.


The couple involved in the threesome tried to sell the story earlier this year but the judges ruled that naming the celebrity would be devastating for him and could harm his children.

Now it has emerged that five months after the 2012 threesome, the star got in touch with a hairdresser on a dating app using a false name.

The stylist claimed that PJS once asked to meet while in North America.

The hairdresser added that PJS initially denied being famous but later admitted he was, saying: "Keep it a secret."

The lover said: "I didn't mention the spouse because it wasn't my place...

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"PJS made it seem like they had an open relationship. PJS didn't seem to care about us being seen. I don't think the partner found out about us."

PJS and his spouse claim the injunction is needed to protect their children from harm.

But the hairdresser said: "When you see the couple in the media they give this illusion of a perfect family with children. What I am seeing and reading now is really disgusting. It upsets me a lot."

Last night PJS's spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.