Journalist Duncan Garner has received death threats following his call for pitbulls to be banned.

The Radio Live drive host and presenter of TV3's Story was sent the "revolting and vile threats" via private message on Facebook and has referred them to the police.

In a post on the radio station's page, Garner shared screenshots of the messages. One of them said Garner's address was being shared on the social media site "so enjoy your new lifestyle".

"You should probably euthanize yourself before publically humiliating [yourself] even more."


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Another message said he needed a bullet if he "attacked" pitbulls again.

Garner said Mediaworks, his employer, took the issue seriously so they contacted the police who have given one of the people a warning.

"I want to thank the New Zealand Police for acting so quickly and for sorting this issue out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but threatening to kill someone as a result is a step too far.

Following a spate of vicious dog attacks by pitbulls, Garner said on Monday he hated them and that "we must ban them".

"How many more children need to be attacked and possibly killed before someone takes decisive action. The law no longer works."

Following the death threats, Garner said he won't back down from his views or be shaken by the messages.