Snoop Dogg has slammed Arnold Schwarzenegger as a racist and a "punk" for sanctioning the early prison release of the son of one of his political allies.

As one of his final acts as Governor of California in 2011, the Terminator star agreed to commute Esteban Nunez's 16-year sentence for manslaughter.

The decision to cut Nunez's punishment to just seven years for the stabbing death of student Luis Santos in 2008 caused controversy at the time, as the convicted killer's father was California State Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, a close friend of Schwarzenegger's.

Fabian subsequently admitted to using his influence with the actor-turned-Governor to help his son, and on Sunday, Esteban, now 27, walked free from prison.


He will serve three years on supervised parole.

The news of his release hit headlines on Monday, and now Snoop Dogg has expressed his anger in an expletive-laden video posted on Instagram.

In the clip, Snoop fumes at the apparent case of cronyism as other killers haven't been so lucky - like his old friend and infamous Crips gang leader Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, who died behind bars in 2005.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is a straight b**ch, punk motherf**ker," the angry rapper raged in the footage.

"How the f**k you gon' let this n***** outta jail but you gon' kill Tookie Williams (sic)? 'Cause homeboy was your friend? You's a b**ch, you's a punk (sic). Motherf***er. I can't stand you. You is one motherf***ing racist piece of s**t (sic). F**k you Arnold Schwarzenegger!"

Snoop isn't the only one fired up over the controversy.

Santos' grieving parents have also blasted Schwarzenegger for disrespecting their son's memory by doing his friend a favour.

My son (was) stabbed in the heart when he was alive," said Fred Santos, Luis's father.

"Schwarzenegger stabbed him in the back after my son is killed."

Schwarzenegger, who previously insisted he had no regrets over his decision, has yet to respond to the renewed criticism.

But Snoop hasn't left it there, he has posted more videos on Instagram with equally strong language aimed at Schwarzenegger.

Donald Trump even gets a mention, in between the swearing.