Azealia Banks wants marijuana to be "legalised" in "all states" in America.

The 212 hitmaker thinks everyone should be permitted to smoke or use the illegal substance and took to Twitter to share her opinions with fans and suggest a number of other reforms for the country she thinks are long overdue.

During a rant on the social media site on Friday, the star ranted: "Just legalize ALL drugs in Vegas and Miami, impose a 10pm curfew for those under 18, impose a huge "party hardy tax"... Legalize marijuana in all states. America is missing out on lots of tourism money by not legalizing weed, I think.

"Civil unions for everyone. Tax the churches, abolish the death penalty. NO GUNS WHATSOEVER (sic)"


The 24-year-old musician continued her rage but turned her attentions to the "fat white lard" of America "expect" an "amazing" life at the cost of the government.

She raged: "All the hillbillys in the middle of America who get high on meth, shop at Walmart and do absolutely nothing, are the FIRST ppl to have their hands out. They expect an amazing quality of life with out actually doing anything to deserve it, other than be white.

"My tax dollars go right into those hillbillys pockets, so they can go to Walmart and make Walmart rich. While Walmart pays little to no tax... the fat white lard that is middle America (not middle CLASS America) is stagnant. they are the real American problem. (sic)"

The outspoken singer finally concluded: "America misses so many chances to LEAD the globe,being so busy trying to CONTROL it (sic)"

- Bang! Showbiz