Tonight is a landmark moment in New Zealand television - well, kind of. A dad from Hamilton, who has been sharing a house with his daughter, her boyfriend and his mother, does a rap when they all hop in a spa and drink champagne.

Welcome to tonight's episode of Our First Home where, after weeks of renovating daughter Rebecca Wotton and partner Josh Tingey's West Auckland home, dad Henry Wotton lets it all hang out for the nation to see.

Wotton told Spy rapping was not something new. He has done it before but in an ad-hoc way, not like the rhymes he busts in the spa.

"I think it is a thing my alter ego does when the mood takes me. It's a bit of a mash-up. Inspired by a bit of Wu-Tang Clan, a wee bit of Eminem and a lot of my own freestyling. I thought it would be fun, following on from the team name Wott-Ting, we dreamed up a performance to do as we head into the final stages of the renovation."


Here's a taste of what to expect from H Dogs:

"Yeahhhhhh, we are the Woo-Tings the Woo-Ting family, I am H and this is Woolly T, I am from H town and she is from BoP".

Needless to say, Bex Wotton is mortified.

Wotton senior has an enviable dad bod and has not ruled out releasing his rap online. (We beat him to it, check it out at:

Wotton also revealed what it was like sharing a house with Theresa Tingey, most famous for getting a shard of glass in the chest. "It has been interesting sharing a house with another woman after 29 years with my wife, Janice. But it was fairly easy as we were working for a common goal. All things considered we coped very well with the pressure and the stress of deadlines.

"Janice needs a gold medal. For eight weeks she has juggled her fulltime job as a nurse practitioner, was a reno widow during the week and then came up to Auckland every weekend."

Wotton senior says his daughter and Alex have both done him proud.

The hot TV dad has fans and friends talking.

"My mates have been giving me plenty of stick over the bloopers and my low-riding shorts. I have been fascinated by the diverse audience - lots of families watching it together, and I have had some parents requesting pictures and autographs for their kids, and have been stopped on the street."