His tricks have seen him walk on water, defy gravity and pass through a glass window.

But, as his act went horribly wrong in front an audience of thousands, illusionist Dynamo found even magic can't help when you're faced with a poor mobile phone signal.

The magician, 33, failed to pull off one of his showpiece tricks while performing at London's O2 Arena - all because a call wouldn't go through.

In the show - also broadcast live on television on Wednesday - Dynamo, real name Steven Frayne, had just trapped the mobile phone of a volunteer called Tom in a bottle when things went wrong.


He asked an audience member to call the phone to prove it wasn't a fake, but nothing happened.

"It's calling," he said. "Is it calling? I hope you've got signal in there mate." Getting increasingly desperate, Dynamo said: "Right, you know what, if you are with Tom here in the audience can you call his phone please? Call it as quickly as you can please.

"It's a live magic show people, anything can happen. Is it ringing? Someone call his phone. Maybe your battery has died last minute? Are you calling it, yeah?"

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Realising the phone was not going to ring, he said: "Well, believe me, that is Tom's phone in that bottle. It might be broken."

Tom, 20, yesterday told MailOnline: "The trick didn't go wrong, the signal in the O2 was awful, nothing would go through." Security guards later took the phone backstage so Dynamo could retrieve it from the bottle. It was returned with a video from Dynamo thanking Tom for taking part.

Poor reception: Tom on stage.

- Daily Mail