Reasons to end a relationship


She kept calling me "yummy" in her texts to me.

2. She told me romantic love was one of capitalism's greatest weapons, designed to keep us oppressed. But she wanted to stay friends. For political reasons.

3. He used the wrong version of they're in a sentence. It required the possessive!


4. He signed off every email with a bloody GIF.

5. She told me she was a bi-curious switchy polyamorous lesbian faun in a relationship with a magical dwarf. That was just a lot of sentence for me to handle. (Source:

Left homeless by Google

A Texas woman was mortified to find her duplex had been demolished without her knowledge. She was in the process of trying to fix up the structure after being hit by a tornado around Christmas time but now it looks like they'll have to rebuild instead. The demolition crew says an error in Google maps made them think this was the right home, even though it was clearly the same house number on the wrong street. (Source:

From GQ's Best Tweets Of All Time

Housing hothouse fuels Cauligate

An industry source explains Cauligate: "Caulis are in very short supply in Auckland at the moment. Cauli crops go to seed quickly in hot conditions and are vulnerable to insects and hail so big variations in price are common when crops get wiped out. The current price is certainly not unprecedented and fluctuations exist because vege growing is a fickle business for our farmers."

A grower writes: "A lot of growers in Auckland, who were growing for a fixed price on production by larger stores, suddenly decide they don't want the product and will go for a cheaper product. Hence growers close up or decide not to produce and, because of the way housing is at the moment, their land is more valuable for housing development than growing. Yes, cauliflower are in season but there are not many growers now in Auckland.They are coming from Palmerston North. My family has been in business for 66 years and this is the dearest we have sold cauliflower for ... Unfortunately there may be a lot of produce in years to come facing the same."

The Vietnamese Diet, spotted in Newmarket

Good read #1:

There is an inline community where people slag-off breakfast food.No really. "A complete English breakfast, or what the Brits call fry-ups, are deceptively difficult to nail. The name implies you should just be able to chuck it all in a pan and wait for the grease to sizzle, but it's actually pretty hard to keep the bacon crispy, the egg runny, and the mushrooms from doing that weird thing mushrooms do where they sort of spaff their own internal juices all over themselves. But I don't need to beat myself up about it-there are 20,000 people willing to do that for me. The Fry Up Police is an insanely popular community of people dedicated to vociferously slating people's attempts at a cooked breakfast..."


Good read #2:

An obituary writer for

, imagines how, given the facts available then, his predecessors might have reported the aftermath of an execution in the Middle East one Friday two millennia ago...

Video: The Hydraulic Press Channel released a special Easter video where a festive Easter basket is crushed with an hydraulic press...

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