The first thing you'll notice about the new Plants vs Zombies game is the user interface, or total lack of it.

After a cringeworthy opening cut scene, GW2 thrusts the player directly into action. As a newly sprouted sunflower, you must find your way back to the plant's home base while zombies spring up all around.

It's a worthy way to introduce a player to the core mechanics of this third person shooter, but doesn't telegraph the basics - how to shoot or jump for instance.

Once settled in the base, you're presented with options to play online multiplayer, single player, or customise your character by entering different areas.


Menus are almost non-existent. Alternatively you can simply stroll toward the zombie base for some action.

At any time the player can switch sides between zombies and plants and choose from a number of characters with varying abilities.

The single-player missions are weak, and the humour often falls flat.

This game really begins to shine in hectic multiplayer battles.

As far as online shooters go, GW2 is possibly the quirkiest. Two teams compete for supremacy with a hectic array of weapons at their disposal resulting in totally ridiculous, charming showdowns.

Game: Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Rating: General
Verdict: Best take on a shooter since Splatoon.