Na Ying is the first mainland China singer to hold a solo concert here.

As temperatures start to drop, some of Asia's biggest names in pop music are set to bring back the heat and the beat to Auckland.

China's diva Na Ying will lead the charge, and will this week become the first singer from the mainland to hold a solo concert in New Zealand.

Other firsts include B.A.P., one of the fastest rising K-Pop boy bands from South Korea, and Mandopop superstar A-Mei, from Taiwan, and Karen Mok, from Hong Kong, who will also be holding their first shows here.

Paul Young, a veteran concert and event organiser, said Auckland was being seen as a market that's "ripe for the taking" by the Chinese entertainment industry.


"Last year, another Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan performed to a sell-out crowd at Vector Arena," said Mr Young, who was behind that concert.

"That has opened up people's eyes, and they now realise there is a huge potential and market to bringing stars from Asia to Auckland."

All the four concerts be held at the Trusts Arena, and ticket prices range from $99 to $399.

Mr Young, who is a promoter for the Na Ying show, said all the top priced tickets sold out within a week of the announcement of her show.

"Stars like Na Ying will guarantee a successful box office, and the high ticket prices don't seem to be a barrier to fans in New Zealand," he said.

"If everything goes as planned, you would see better acts and even bigger names from Asia making their way here."

Associate professor Henry Chung, a Massey University China specialist, said New Zealand changing ethnic make-up, especially in Auckland, had created a demand for Asian pop concerts.

Dr Chung said the performers coming to New Zealand were "world class" and are considered to be among Asia's best.

"Na Ying is very famous in Greater China and in fact all overseas Chinese communities," Dr Chung said.

"Her songs are widely known and she is considered one of the best Chinese female singers in the present day."

Who is Na Ying?


Na Ying


March 24




Trusts Arena, Henderson

Renowned Chinese singer and former The Voice of China judge Na Ying will be the first vocalist from the mainland to hold a solo concert in New Zealand.

The 47-year-old was the most popular woman singer in China in the 1990s and early 2000s, and is still considered to be one of the best present-day Chinese female singers.

Known for her buoyant and forthright personality, Na, also known as Natasha Na, had sold more than 10 million albums during her career.

Previously, Chinese pop concerts in New Zealand featured mainly singers from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

After 20 years in the music industry, Na is taking her "Na World Concert" to New Zealand for the very first time.

Fans can expect Na to perform classic and nostalgic hits, including Conquer, the song which propelled her to fame in 1998 and also known as one of the hardest Chinese songs to sing.

"It has not only been her moving vocals which have captured the hearts of fans, but also her straightforward and blunt personality which has caused fans to fall deeply in love with her," organisers said in a statement.

"(She will be) using her rich baritone voice and her resonant high notes to truly win over the hearts of audiences."

She stepped down as mentor of The Voice after three seasons before embarking on this world tour.