Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has posed topless for a New Zealand fashion magazine in her most revealing photoshoot to date.

The chart topper, famous for her hit single Fancy, features in the pages of Remix Magazine wearing a combination of international and Kiwi designer labels, including Kate Sylvester and Helen Cherry.

Speaking to editor Steven Fernandez, the outspoken artist said her comments are often misunderstood, particularly in America.

"I think a lot of times people don't understand my humour over here and people think it's me being bitchy. You would understand as a New Zealander, having a very dry sense of humour. I'm usually not that worked up when people think I am," she explains.


"People take me the wrong way because the element of humour is lost."

Media reports of Azalea "feuding" with fellow celebrities are commonplace, including a 2014 story that pitted her against Lorde. However, the rapper is quick to dismiss any ill-feelings between the pair.

"I almost collaborated with Lorde on this album! I sent her the song and it didn't get done in time, but it's one of my artistic goals to collaborate with her. There's this one song I wrote for the album but it needed a female singer and she was my number one.

"She was going to do it, she was totally keen, but she was too busy with her own album. I hope it can happen, if not on this album then another. I think she's awesome."

Remix Magazine is on sale tomorrow.