Viewers saw the walls come down for one Bachelorette, who quickly became known as the show's villain.

Tonight "nasty Naz", real name Nazanin Khanjan, showed she does have some feelings after breaking down on live television.

The rare show of emotion came after she caught a glimpse of Bachelor Jordan Mauger getting romantic on a solo date.

Naz overcame a fear of the water on a group jet ski date and thought she was a shoe in for some alone time with Mauger. But when he didn't choose her, the bachelorette became teary.


Having whisked Gab off to an island, Claudia and Naz were left to their own devices on board a boat and got to spying with a pair of binoculars.

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"I'm finding it really hard to see them go away on that one on one time," Naz said. "It's so awkward with us here and them over there - I can't look at this, I'm done."

But Naz was soon back on form, making jibes as the pair talked on shore, before escaping dramatically as the Bach returned.

"I don't know what to think 'I'm not even sure about being here any more'," she said.

Twitter, however showed little sympathy for the beauty.

Naz swore she wouldn't approach Mauger at the cocktail party - fortunately he came to her first off after noticing a shift in mood on the group date.

"If you hadn't come to speak to me I might have been out," Naz said.

Some still felt her threats were not genuine.