The Bachelor bid farewell to Amanda this evening but it was Claudia that stole the show, delivering one of the show's most awkward moments to date.

Determined to get some alone time, Claudia deliberately set herself apart from the other girls, in the hopes he would come and speak to her.

Instead, Jordan Mauger tried to take Nicole for a private chat, stumbling upon Claudia in the process.

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Rather than move on, Claudia planted herself between the pair and began babbling about Paris Hilton (a story she has already shared on screen previously).

Taking advantage of the awkward situation, Naz swept in to steal Mauger away for their first conversation that didn't centre around her hit list.

The incident was the only moment of drama in the series' most uneventful episode to date.

Earlier in the episode, the Bach took five girls on a group date to the race track, before taking ad sales executive Kate on a single date, which entailed horse riding in the surf before roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

The night allowed the Bachelor to reveal previously hidden talents.

"I consider myself a good marshmallow roaster," he said earnestly.

Meanwhile, Naz continued to reference her notorious hit list throughout the episode.

"I'm not a fan of Kate. She's one of the five on my hit list and she does not deserve a date," she sneered.

"This is the great part, she hates horses."