The Rolling Stones almost burnt down the Playboy Mansion.

The Satisfaction rockers were invited to the legendary house by media mogul Hugh Hefner in the early 1970s and things went wrong when guitarist Keith Richards and Bobby Keys - who played saxophone for the group - stole their doctor's bag to try the drugs it contained.

Keith recalled: "We nearly burnt down the Playboy mansion. Hugh Hefner had invited the Stones to stay at the Chicago Playboy Mansion around '72.

"There's all these bunnies all over the place - don't throw that lot in front of the Stones, you know.


"We had a tour doctor we used to love to raid. We'd get him stoned and take his bag.

"Bobby and I stashed ourselves in this john and were trying everything from the doctor's bag.

"Somewhere a fire started. There's bells ringing and people running down the corridor. As we left the bathroom, it burst into flames."

Meanwhile, Keith also revealed that one of his iconic guitars, a custom-painted Les Paul, was given a redesign when he took acid.

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He explained to Q magazine: "That picture was a hell of a trip. I started off with a pair of shoes and then went on to the guitar.

"I did it first to a pair of white boots I had. After I'd taken enough acid and finished them, 'OK, what's next?' The guitar. A hell of a trip."

- Bang! Showbiz