Pictures of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner snuggling have leaked online.

It is believed the One Direction star has been the target of phone hackers after the intimate photographs of the pair cuddling began to pop up on social media site Twitter on Saturday.

What's more, fans of the British boyband are outraged at the release of the images and what they imply.

One shows Kendall in a skimpy bikini perched atop the 22-year-old hunk's lap, while another series of pictures capture the American beauty's arm wrapped around Harry, who isn't wearing any trousers, as he turns his face towards her.


The obvious intimacy of the shots have One Direction fandom convinced that they were never intended for the public to see, and the closeness of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star to Harry has upset some.

One outraged fan has taken to Twitter and claimed the photos come from Harry's mother, Anne Cox's phone.

They wrote: "Which account hacked Anne's iCloud? Who do I have to fight? GIVE MY BOYS AND THEIR FAMILES SOME PRIVACY"

Whilst another agreed with the sentiment and penned: "How disrespectful can you get? Hacking into Anne's iCloud..have some respect for people's privacy and personal life. So rude."

Some have even quit the site in protest.

One declared: "At the whole Anne's iCloud getting hacked...I didn't need to see those damn pictures of Kendall and goodbye."

And another wrote: "due to the release of these leaked Harry styles photos I have to take a temporary leave from Twitter... bye y'all(sic)" with a string of marching men emojis."

A person - who goes by the Twitter username @haarrystyles - has come forward to claim responsibility for hacking the account and claims to have access to the Harry's fresh solo music.

They also confessed they were willing to go to prison in return for leaking the private images.

They said: "IF I go to jail I did this for all the Harry STANS who don't get s*** from Harry"

- BANG! Showbiz