The latest contestant eliminated from The Bachelor claims the show's star Jordan Mauger is keeping controversial contestant Naz around to generate ratings.

Auckland doctor Lindsey was eliminated last night after failing to receive a rose from Mauger during the rose ceremony. She's the seventh girl to go home.

In an interview with the Herald, the Maryland-born, Auckland-based doctor said she wasn't surprised at her elimination as she and Mauger had little chemistry.

"There was an initial physical attraction between Jordan and I, but when I actually sat down and talked to him it became clear pretty quickly that we didn't have any chemistry," she said.


"It wasn't shocking to me at all."

The 32-year-old also wasn't surprised that Mauger kept giving roses to controversial stirrer Naz Khanjani - known for creating a hitlist of girls that she's trying to eliminate - claiming he was doing so for ratings.

"I don't think (he's into her). He's a producer, he's done some acting, he probably realises that keeping her around is good for viewer ratings," Lindsey said.

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During last night's episode, Mauger was forced to tell Naz to stop backstabbing other contestants during their one-on-one chats. But her strategy does seem to be working: On Monday night's episode, Anna, the first girl on Naz's hitlist, was eliminated by Mauger.

Despite her constant attempts to cause trouble, Lindsey believed Naz was on the show looking for love.

"I think who you're seeing is who she is. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. I'm a bit shocked at everything she's saying at the cameras when everyone else isn't around (but) we all knew in the house that she was 'that one'."

Lindsey also addressed her paintball assault on several contestants during last night's group date, when she was seen repeatedly pelting Naz and Claudia during a supposedly friendly game. Mauger said she was taking "a few more shots than necessary".

"I got in the zone and was taking them out left and right. I have pretty good hand-eye co-ordination, I'm training to be a surgeon, but I've never fired a gun in my life," she said.

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But Lindsey, who entered the show after drinking too many wines with friends during a trip to Waiheke, didn't believe her overenthusiastic paintball play led to her elimination.

"Jordan may have found that I'm maybe too competitive and too much of an independent strong woman for him, I don't know ... I don't think it did."