Iggy Azalea has been left badly bruised after being thrown from her horse.

The Fancy hitmaker decided to spend Sunday indulging her passion for horse riding ahead of the release of her new single TEAM this week but as she was riding her "grey horse Bizzy" he "bucked" her right off him.

Iggy, 25, went tumbling to the grass but luckily she escaped with just an impact injury.

Sharing the experience with her Twitter followers, she revealed: "So I've started riding my grey horse Bizzy again and i guess hes feeling a little fresh after the rain ... because he bucked my ass right off him today half way up a hill. ayeee! (sic)"


Determined not to let the fall deter her from her favourite hobby, Iggy got straight back on a different horse, Bizzy's brother Defender, who gave her a nice gentle ride following Bizzy's rough gallop.

However, Iggy was certain her bruise would be hurting her for the rest of the week.

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In another tweet, she shared: "Then defender felt bad his brother was so acting crazy and he was the perfect gentleman when i rode him. im gonna hurt in the morning. (sic)"

Iggy started taking riding lessons in Los Angeles last year after being advised by one of her musical mentors to try the pastime to escape the pressures of her career.

She has developed a close bond with Swedish Warmblood breed Defender and regularly takes to Twitter to talk about the horse.

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