Is this the greatest line in Bachelor history?

Contestant Claudia Conaglen has lit up social media after she declared herself and the Bachelor Jordan Mauger a perfect match.


Because they are both tan.


Social media was quick to pick up on the line, with many stunned at Conaglen's apparent superficiality.

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Meanwhile, Mauger may be on track to set a new Bachelor record, treating contestants to the most cost effective dates in the history of the global franchise.

Tonight's group date saw Mauger treat five contestants to a day of dog washing, where the ladies were made to wash a pack of dogs.

While some were happy to accept the challenge, others were left less than impressed by the so-called romantic excursion.

Anna was the least impressed, ignoring the dogs and instead engaging in an awkward conversation with Mauger.

Later, she said to camera: "It was a moment. We had chat."

Meanwhile, Naz used the date as an opportunity to show off her softer side to Mauger, talking about her own dog and how much she missed him.

But behind-the-scenes, she continued her campaign against Anna, telling Claudia: "Aw babe, she is not getting this. I'm telling you, it is my duty to f*** her right off."