Bachelorette Naz Khanjani hasn't been shown in the best light on the new season of The Bachelor NZ, but the reality show contestant claims she's not a villain.

Speaking to Woman's Day, Naz gives her side of the story.

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"It's quite unfair, really," she told the magazine. "There's a lot more to me than what you've seen. I'm actually quite a nice person, but I'm a realist and I speak what's on my mind."


Naz caused controversy on the TV show after she butted in on other girls' alone time with Bachelor Jordan Mauger, and dropped a bombshell by telling him that one of the girls wasn't on the show for him.

"I stand by my decision to out Anna," Naz says, "She told the girls she can find a guy like Jordan at a nightclub. I don't understand why she is here if she is saying that."

Despite the disputes with other girls on the show, Naz says her intentions for finding love on the show are real.

"I'm on The Bachelor to find love and I'm making it very clear to everyone that I'm not going to let anything or anyone get in my way. It doesn't bother me if I don't impress the other Bachelorettes - I'm not there to make friends."

Last week, Naz received mountains of hate on social media, with many viewers convinced that the show was forcing Jordan to keep Naz on the show: