Former Shortland Street actress Teuila Blakely has posted an expletive-laden video on social media hitting out at internet trolls and abusers.

She uploaded the video on Facebook last night in response to hundreds of derogatory comments about her decision to post a selfie of old friend and Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell, with whom she was caught up in a sex tape scandal two years ago.

The sex tape was posted illegally without her consent.

Yesterday, she posted her own video hitting back at "slut shamers".


WARNING: Language in the video may offend

FYI ????

Posted by Teuila Blakely on Saturday, March 12, 2016

"So, I'm in Sydney ... and on my way over it was really nice because I ran into my friend Konrad and I hadn't seen him for months, so it was actually really cool," she says in the video.

"And I just posted a photo of such because he's my friend ... and then everyone lost their damn motherf***ing minds!

"And basically, you know, it's not even like bullying or f***ing trolling, it's goddamn persecution ... "Anyway, I'm just here relaxing and letting you know and I'm still approximately giving, um, zero amount of f***s!"

The 41-year-old actress, who played Vasa on Shortland Street, is currently in Sydney and ran into Hurrell while in transit on Thursday.

She later posted a photograph of the pair's reunion on Facebook, writing: "Ooh and look who I ran into ... Xo," before being inundated with abusive comments.

In 2014, a video of the pair engaging in a sex act in a car was made public via social media with both Hurrell and Blakely coming under fire.

Blakely confessed at the time to being the mystery woman because she always owned up to her actions and did not lie, she said.

It was filmed as a joke and was "a tape between people who have a lot of fun together".

"Koni filmed it as a joke, but neither of us knows who uploaded it. But I accept what I do in my life, and neither of us are bothered about it," she said.

After the confession she spoke of the "pain, humiliation and embarrassment" the leaked sex video had caused her friends and family.

She had also received death threats, suffered backlash from her birth country, Samoa, and lost a commercial partnership deal.

The abusive comments have now resurfaced two years on, prompted by the photo of the two friends.

Hurrell, who is 17 years her junior, was fined $5000 by the Warriors and made a public apology for his "bad decision" over the sex tape.

Blakely left Shortland Street in 2014 after playing Vasa Levi for four years.

She has also had roles in Sione's Wedding and Sione's 2: Unfinished Business. She was also one of the celebrities in last year's Dancing with the Stars.

Women's Refuge chief executive Ang Jury commended Blakely, who has been an ambassador for the organisation, for standing up for herself. She said Blakely could not be blamed for her outburst as a result of the nasty comments especially when the photo's purpose was to show the two of them were still friends.

"I wish her language hadn't been quite so colourful, but when you look at some of those comments - oh you foul people. Leave her alone. It was two years ago now."

NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker warned Blakely could find herself the target of more vicious abuse because responding to internet trolls often exacerbated the situation.

"If her objective is to have people leave her alone so that she can carry on her online life then it is unlikely to achieve that. If she's posted this as a way of showing solidarity with other people who are bully or harassed online then I think sure it has value in that respect."

He said the best way to deal with trolls was to ignore them and it would usually blow over relatively quickly.

Model and TV personality Charlotte Dawson launched a public campaign against Twitter trollers in 2012 which Mr Cocker said backfired on her, making her an even bigger target. Dawson committed suicide in February 2014.